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ACE: From application to issue in as little as a few hours

Instantly gratifying life insurance – in an instant. ACE is a breakthrough all-digital way to issue policies from one simple place. 

Clients can always rely on us. We offer 173 years of solid financial strength, high industry ratings, a diverse portfolio of products and consistently paid dividends.

All of the underwriting information you need, including age and amount requirements, underwriting rules, medical conditions and more.

A first of its kind digital buying experience that dramatically cuts application and issue times – with or without Accelerated Underwriting.

Get prompt assistance by contacting local support team members who are dedicated to your channel and resident state.

Recent Updates


As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, we are pleased to announce recent changes to our temporary underwriting and new business guidelines. The following changes went into effect June 8, 2020.

  • We are able to make offers to applicants ages 70 – 85 who are assessed at a Standard Rating or better, up to our retention limit of $5 million for individuals and $7.5 million for survivorship policies (less any inforce coverage from Penn Mutual).
  • We reinstated our LifeStyle Credit Program on permanent products for applicants ages 20 – 75 up to our retention limits described above (less any inforce coverage from Penn Mutual).
  • We can accept funds from external replacements up to a maximum of $1 million. (Note that the $1 million first-year premium limit we instituted remains in place.)

Please note that the following temporary guidelines remain in place:

  • Applications from individuals ages 70 – 85 with ratings worse than Standard, or individuals under age 70 with ratings worse than Table 4, will continue to be postponed.
  • Our Survivorship One-Class Upgrade and Table Shave programs remain suspended.